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Niagara Chooses Convoy as Broker of the Year

Convoy News, ShippersPublished on December 12, 2018

Paul Estrada (Niagara), Mikey O’Neill (Convoy), Kristin Cole (Convoy), Brooks McMahon (Convoy), Shawn Safieddin (Niagara), Madeleine Castelli (Convoy)

The procurement and logistics team at Niagara Bottling like to say they are a manufacturing and transportation company that happens to make bottled water. Over the next year (and well beyond), the Niagara logistics team is focused on aligning their supply chains to create efficient, waste-reducing and collaborative operations and partnerships.

“Collaboration is the key to driving change,” says Paul Estrada, Niagara’s Director of Procurement – Logistics. “We are focused on creating ‘One Supply Chain’, and that can only happen with innovative partners.”

That strategic and forward-looking approach to their shipping business is one of the reasons we here at Convoy appreciate our partnership with the company, and the team. So, imagine what an honor it was when Niagara, a leading bottled water manufacturer in the country, named us “Broker of the Year”.

“The Niagara team is open to new ideas and new ways to look at solving problems,” said Mikey O’Neill, director of enterprise accounts at Convoy. “It’s exciting work that makes an impact. We value our partnership and creating the future of freight, together.”

The Convoy team received the honor during Niagara’s annual Carrier Conference in Newport Beach, California in September. Niagara works with over 50 brokers and carriers to ship their product across the country.

“This award recognizes the transportation partner that exemplifies operational excellence, performance and provides innovative solutions for Niagara’s shipping needs,” Estrada said. “Convoy understands our vision and helps expand on it using its technology, data and insights.”

Each month Convoy delivers proprietary data to Niagara (and all our customers) that gives the logistics team insight into their facilities’ and carriers’ performance, along with several other data points they use to make changes and drive efficiency.  

“Partnering with our customers to develop efficient, sustainable and forward-looking transportation strategies is something we are passionate about,” said Brooks McMahon, vice president of partnerships. “This is a tremendous honor for our company and a testament to the incredible work of our account team.”

Congratulations to everyone involved! We look forward to continuing our partnership to drive efficiency, innovation and sustainability in Niagara’s supply chain.

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