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MercuryGate & Convoy Now: Helping Shippers Navigate Market Volatility and Improve Lead Time

Earlier this year we launched Convoy Now, a program that gives shippers, Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTPs), and other logistics companies direct access to Convoy’s automated real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity. Together with leading TMS provider MercuryGate, we deliver Convoy’s automated real-time rates to their shippers, providing savings in the cost and time spent managing freight. 

This week, MercuryGate wrote about the benefits of the integration, beginning with the ways real-time rates help shippers in times of market volatility: 

“Automated real-time rates allow shippers to make smarter decisions by locking in savings in any market. Adopting this technology gives shippers opportunities to recapture revenue, giving them a competitive edge. The solution to better freight management lies in using technology to access and apply real-time rates to every shipment. Thanks to the partnership between Convoy and MercuryGate’s enterprise TMS platform, shippers are handling contract and spot market rate volatility and leveraging total transportation resources more effectively.”

The first of two posts from MercuryGate, ‘How Real-Time Freight Rates Help Shippers Navigate Market Volatility’ can be read here.

Read the second post, ‘Improve Lead Times and Reduce Freight Spend With Real-Time Rates’, here. Learn how addressing lead times can help shippers realize efficiencies:

“A significant pain point for shippers is the time consuming process of securing backup coverage, which contributes to poor lead times […] Each rejection and subsequent request for tender acceptance will cause additional hours of back-and-forth, and can lead the shipper to securing costly last minute spot coverage. Shippers can avoid this time-consuming back-and-forth and increase lead time by locking in automated real-time rates with guaranteed tender acceptance with Convoy through its integration with MercuryGate.”

Learn more about automated real-time rates and the Convoy Now program.

Greer Lynch
Greer Lynch is Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Convoy.