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March/April report: get ahead of freight trends and seasonality

If you’ve ever talked to experienced carriers, they talk about freight in seasons: produce season, Christmas tree season, potato and onion season, etc. Carriers understand the cyclical trends that affect freight in the United States and change their strategy to accommodate these shifts. Whether Chinese New Year is affecting L.A. imports or there are capacity crunches in southern Texas due to produce in Mexico, it’s no secret that U.S. freight capacity and prices are sensitive to shifts in the market. Freight generally follows the same annual trends, but these patterns do shift and it can be difficult to keep up and even preemptively act to avoid impacts to your business. Convoy’s technology allows us to analyze and map out the trends you’re experiencing in your day-to-day operations. Check out the Convoy March/April market update to see how your lanes are being affected as well as advice to keep costs down while maintaining service levels.
Convoy market update – March/April 2018 from ConvoyInc
Jessica Gonchar is a senior account manager at Convoy. Much of her day is focused on analyzing the data Convoy collects and transforming it into meaningful insights that our shippers use to optimize their supply chain. Jess also partners closely with our product team to develop innovative new tools and processes that drive value for our shippers. When Jess isn’t brushing up on her SQL joins, she can be found exploring the Cascades or scouring the cheese aisle at her local grocery store.