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Joyin quickly responds to COVID-19 challenges using Convoy shipper platform

ShippersPublished on April 8, 2020

“Our theme always is ‘the fun starts here’ – we have everything you need – toys, party supplies, home decor, and more,” says Phoebe Chang, National Sales Manager at Joyin.

Founded in 2015, Joyin has grown to become one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of toys, party supplies and seasonal products in North America. The team manages a catalog of 2,000+ items and launches a new product every day. 


“One of our biggest challenges for us in delivering our product is flexibility,” says John Chen, Logistics Planner at Joyin. “We need flexibility in our supply chain. It’s something most carriers can’t address well and where Convoy has excelled.”

Flexibility became increasingly important when COVID-19 hit. With Easter approaching, Joyin faced the possibility of having their seasonal inventory sitting in warehouses for a full year if they didn’t get it delivered in time.

Joyin used the Convoy shipper platform to get real-time pricing based on evolving market conditions, and booked their shipments in minutes. Even in a surging spot market, Convoy carriers were able to confirm bookings within 45 minutes. The team was also able to use the platform to precisely track each shipment from start to finish, using GPS data to communicate with facilities so they were ready for the drivers to arrive. This enabled Joyin to minimize dwell time when every minute counted.

Additionally, Joyin has ramped up direct selling from its website and increased dropshipping for other retailers to help weather the market volatility caused by Coronavirus.  “It’s been hectic. The challenges include having inventory in different warehouses, being short-staffed, as well as being able to organize all orders daily and shipping them out on time,” explains Chang. Her advice to other small and mid-sized shippers: build up dropshipping systems and processes now. She says for Joyin it’s been invaluable to have this capability to move seasonal products. 

Knowing the product is continuing to sell and ship from the warehouses has given Chang and team the ability to look ahead to what’s next.  “Being able to utilize Convoy’s planning system, we are able to map out in advance what we’d send in the near future. Once we can start sending in inventory, we will be able to do it quickly.”

The team is continuing to adjust based on forecasted impacts over the next several weeks. In the meantime, Joyin is increasing awareness and availability of their arts & crafts and pretend play toys to help keep their children busy and happy while parents are working from home, as well as delivering fun toys, party supplies, and decor to help people get ready for Easter celebrations in their backyard or indoors.

Convoy shipper platform is now part of Convoy’s integrated online platform for shippers. For more information, take a look at our freight booking software.


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