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The Road Less Travelled: How Janee Moore Uses Convoy to Help Run Her Trucking Business Alongside Her Full-Time Tech Job

CarriersPublished on July 3, 2019

Janee Moore has an impressive resume. On top of working full time in IT, she co-owns a trucking company with her fiancé Charles. On weekdays, she commutes to her job in St. Louis — on weeknights and weekends, she deals with the ins and outs of running Thompson Trucking & Logistics.

The unconventional road that led to trucking

Janee, originally from St. Louis, left the Midwest to earn an undergraduate degree in Washington, D.C. — followed by a Masters in Information Technology. She returned to St. Louis once she accepted a job at an aerospace company.

So how did an IT professional get into trucking? 

“My fiancé was a driver before,” she says. “We ended up buying a truck after we found out how easy it was to get your own company.”

Janee and Charles, co-owners of Thompson Trucking & Logistics

On September 12, 2017, Thompson Trucking & Logistics earned their operating authority. They wanted to add drivers, but because Janee works full time — and her fiancé stays busy with short hauls — they needed to find a way to make the drivers fairly self sufficient. So rather than hiring company drivers, Janee chose to contract with owner operators who manage their own schedules using the Convoy app. “We really like Convoy because it allows our drivers to step up and book their own loads,” she says.

This business model has worked well for them. Earlier this year, Convoy honored Thompson Trucking & Logistics for exceeding Convoy’s rigorous compliance and quality standards. 

The intersection of trucking and technology

Janee’s experience in IT gives her a unique point of view as an owner of a trucking company. When asked about the future of the industry, she said, “Technology in trucking is going to become the norm.”

Convoy, she continued, is ahead of the curve. 

“I like Convoy because everything is automated,” she says. “I hate working with other brokers because they call you a million times, and I have to fax or email BOLs or submit an invoice for every load.” The Convoy app allows her drivers to upload a photo of the BOL and get paid faster. “I like the automation of not having to do so much effort to submit payments,” she says.

Being hands-off allows Janee to make the most of her time — and to think bigger. “We’ve been around for two years,” she says. “By the five-year mark, we’re hoping to double or triple our drivers and time on the road, and we plan to add a truck every year. We’ve done pretty good with that so far.”

Advice for new drivers: flexibility required

Janee admits that life on the road isn’t for everyone, especially people who like to stick to the routine of a 9-to-5. “A lot of things can happen on the road, and you have to be prepared,” she says. “As long as you understand that, you’ll be fine.”

Her advice? Don’t be scared of the horror stories! “We made it through our first few years,” she says. ”We’ve kinda jumped into it — straight into the deep end — and done really well with it.”

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