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Introducing a new online platform for shippers

Convoy News, ShippersPublished on June 8, 2021

Today we launched a new freight software platform to equip transportation teams with instant quotes, guaranteed coverage, real-time tracking and insights on-demand. Shippers using the new platform have been able to cut their tendering time in half and reduce freight spend by automating and standardizing their bid processes.

A New Way to Take Control of your Freight

For many transportation teams, getting shipments covered remains an inefficient, manual process of back-and-forth phone calls and emails.

Over the last five years, digital freight networks like Convoy and online booking platforms like Shipper Platform have dramatically simplified the process of getting high-quality coverage for contract, backup, and spot freight.

Today’s launch is the next natural step in the evolution of our digital freight network—providing shippers with access to more than 400,000 dry vans and reefers from Convoy’s network of vetted carriers, while also enabling shippers to work with their existing carriers and brokers more easily. When booking freight with Convoy, transportation teams get visibility into the truck’s location and estimated time of arrival through online GPS tracking and automated notifications.

Key product capabilities

The new online platform gives shippers of all sizes direct access to our digital freight network and provides guaranteed coverage across primary, backup, and spot loads with the ability to easily transition between our self-service website and managed freight services. Key features include:

  • The ability to view and book contracted freight for primary and backup loads, including support for Convoy’s unique Guaranteed Primary program
  • Instant, guaranteed quotes for spot loads that can be booked in minutes
  • Unique spot rate benchmarks that provide insights into how Convoy’s rates compare to the market and offer tips for reducing shipping costs.
  • Automated compliance checks that ensure every load is hauled by a high-quality carrier vetted by Convoy’s unique machine learning models
  • GPS tracking with shareable links that enable logistics teams to share real-time load status with their suppliers and customers
  • Automated facility notifications that share real-time shipment status milestones with key facility contacts
  • Automated bills of lading (BOLs) that streamline communication between warehouses and drivers and reduce unnecessary pickup and delivery delays 
  • White-glove appointment scheduling services from Convoy’s operations team 
  • Green Appointment Windows, which can reduce carbon emissions from empty miles on each load by up to 36%
  • A dashboard of all Convoy shipments including loads built through the Convoy website, as well as shipments tendered through EDI integrations, Convoy’s Dynamic Backup API, or our managed freight services

To see a demo of product capabilities, or to sign up and start using our new online platform today, go to

How a Customer is Already Reducing Their Freight Spend with Our Online Platform

Today’s launch comes amid surging customer demand for digital freight networks, driven by the need to get more reliable coverage while reducing transportation costs. 

General Insulation Company began using Convoy as a way to centralize its tendering process and source competitive bids from its preferred carriers. Over the course of four months, the company estimates that they avoided more than $150,000 in costs by benchmarking carrier rates on spot shipments. 

“In a business where lead time is money, Convoy has been a game-changer,” said Ian Allison, Transportation and Supply Chain Manager at General Insulation Company. “Before Convoy, we didn’t have sufficient visibility into our branch offices or efficient processes for benchmarking carrier performance and spend. Now we’ve got a centralized dashboard that gives us better control over our tendering process, faster bid response time, and insights into the performance of all the carriers we work with.”

General Insulation Company is among the leading manufacturers and retailers who look to digital freight networks as a new category of freight provider, distinct from traditional brokers and asset-based carriers. In a recent survey of logistics and procurement professionals, 19% of respondents indicated that they already use digital freight networks for contract or spot freight—a number expected to more than double to 42% of shippers in the coming years. This growth in digital freight is in contrast to 3PLs, asset-based carriers, traditional brokers, and private fleets, whose usage is expected to remain flat in the coming years.


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