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Introducing Convoy Radio, a podcast for truckers

We’re excited to introduce Convoy Radio, a podcast that brings you trucking news and interviews with transportation industry leaders.

With hosts Jake Henderson and Michael Lewis, Convoy Radio connects with a variety of voices from the trucking world. Hear from an owner-operator who built his own trucking company — and get an inside look at the latest in technology, legislative issues, road safety, supply chain management, and more. In our first season, we have guests from major carriers, independent owner-operators, major shippers, freight transportation researchers, and much more.

Subscribe to Convoy Radio on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher — and be on the lookout for new episodes dropping every Tuesday.

Episode 5: Episode 5: Understanding Freight Futures with pricing strategist Michael Carroll

Episode 4: Proverbs from the road with legendary trucker Steve Crawford

Episode 3: Talking Trucking with Convoy CEO Dan Lewis

Episode 2: An Economics Lesson with Dr. Anne Goodchild

Episode 1: Owning the Road with Steve Gordon

Episode 0: Introducing Convoy Radio

For questions or comments, email the Convoy Radio crew at or tweet at @ConvoyTeam using #convoyradio.

Eric Ledbetter is a Brokerage Operations Specialist at Convoy as well as a producer on the Convoy Radio Podcast. Previously to his role at Convoy, Eric has worked at a variety of tech startups, as well as being a member of the University of Washington Rowing team.