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Introducing Convoy Fast Track for Carriers – Get setup and book loads instantly!

Carriers can now sign up, get approved instantly, and start taking loads with Convoy right away—all without needing to send an email, fax a packet, or even make a phone call. Traditionally, signing up with a new freight broker is a tedious and frustrating process. Carriers tell us that it can take up to a week to get paperwork reviewed and requires multiple phone calls with the broker organization to get activated. In addition, carriers are required to send their packet via fax or email and then go back and forth on a broker-carrier agreement —all while being on the road and not being able to take loads from the broker while being setup.

How Convoy Fast Track works

With Convoy Fast Track, carriers enter in their MC number, contact info, and lane preferences and are ready to take loads in five minutes. Our technology automatically confirms eligibility by verifying identity and compliance with insurance, safety, and authority requirements. By automating this, we improve the experience for carriers,  reduce the risk of human error and increase quality for shippers. Only in the subset of cases where we need additional information, will our support team contact you. “It’s as simple as you can get. There’s no grief getting signed up. It’s as easy as using an iPhone. Anyone can do it,” Marco Zazueta, owner-operator at M2K Transportation. Marco recently signed up using Convoy Fast Track, took a load right away and was paid within 2 business days as he qualified for free Convoy QuickPay.  

Chad Boblett Talks Convoy’s Fast Track 

“My advice to brokers is to make yourself easier to do business with. Convoy is the first one to do so.” – Chad Boblett, an owner-operator and founder of the 23,000-member Facebook group Rate Per Mile. 
Listen to Chad’s conversation with us to learn more about Convoy Fast Track. 
Nikhil Jaipuria
Nikhil is the Director of Product for the Carrier Experience team, where he is responsible for building a product that carriers love. Before Convoy, he was at Granular, building software for farmers and also worked at Microsoft. Nikhil has an engineering degree from PESIT, India and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Outside work, Nikhil is a coffee nerd, enjoys playing tennis, and is the 2018 Convoy ping pong champion.