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Hot Lanes, Cool Savings 6/22/2020


Shippers – It’s the start of the week and you are back at your desk looking at what orders need to move, where they need to go and when. You have hot loads, carrier falloffs, and run-of-the-mill business. Convoy is here to help get your shipments moving on time and at-cost. 

Check out our top lanes where Convoy can save you 10% or more compared to the market: 


Reno, NV → Indianapolis, IN Get quote

Kennewick, WA → Brownsville, TX Get quote

Portland, OR → Allentown, PA Get quote

Billings, MT → Columbus, OH Get quote

Portland, OR local Get quote


Vallejo, CA → Salem, OR Get quote

Las Vegas, NV → Knoxville, TN Get quote

Napa, CA → Sacramento, CA Get quote

Santa Rosa, CA → Modesto, CA Get quote

Salt Lake City, UT → Miami, FL Get quote


Springfield, IL → Knoxville, TN Get quote

Joplin, MO → Laredo, TX Get quote

Pinebluff, AR → Charlotte, NC Get quote

Columbus, IN local Get quote

Des Moines, IA → Burlington, VT Get quote


Houma, LA → Brownsville, TX Get quote

Lafayette, LA → Miami, FL Get quote

Waco, TX → Knoxville, TN Get quote

Laredo, TX local Get quote

Tulsa, OK → Scranton, PA Get quote


Danville, VA → New York, NY Get quote

New York, NY → Binghamton, NY Get quote

Pittsburgh, PA → Los Angeles, CA Get quote

Springfield, MA → Knoxville, TN Get quote

Worcester, MA local Get quote


Dothan, AL → Tallahassee, FL Get quote

Tampa, FL → Cape Coral, FL Get quote

Atlanta, GA → Dubuque, IA Get quote

Charlottesville, VA → Chicago, IL Get quote

Atlanta, GA → Gulfport, MS Get quote

Get a quote and lock in these low rates with instant booking on the Convoy shipper platform. The shipper platform gives shippers of all sizes direct access to Convoy’s carrier network, enabling you to see instant upfront load pricing, tender a load with only a few clicks and track shipments from start to finish.

Anna von Clemm
Anna von Clemm is the Product Marketing Manager for shippers at Convoy. She never thought she would end up working in freight, but wouldn't want it any other way. When not thinking about shipment tendering and equipment types, Anna can be found hiking the Cascades and eating ice-cream.