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Highway to Health – Wrap Up

CarriersPublished on July 9, 2018

This is a guest blog post from Michelle Cartmel, health and wellness coach for Highway to Health. Michelle is a certified health and wellness coach, fitness enthusiast, self-taught cook and motivational partner.

In early June, we set out on a journey together in hopes that we would reach destination health in four weeks. Methodically charting our routes week by week, we were able to make some great stops along the way, learn a lot about getting healthy, and converse with fellow drivers who had similar healthy aspirations through our Highway to Health Facebook community.

We started with the basics and built from there, re-starting our engines (resetting our bodies) in Week 1, cleaning up our cabs with clean eating tips/advice in Week 2, learning how to map out our (food) routes with mindful eating strategies in Week 3 and finally, building on our edible education, we learned about the benefits of consuming fuel (power) foods in Week 4.  

We developed this program for drivers because we want to empower you to live a healthier lifestyle. We know that life on the road can be challenging, and the Highway to Health program was designed to help you avoid some of the typical roadblocks that you encounter.  Our goals with this series were to inspire you to adopt healthier habits by providing wellness and nutrition know and b) learn more about your lifestyle and how we can continue to support you.

Through our Highway to Health community on Facebook, messages on Text-In Tuesday, survey responses and driver ride-along, we have learned a lot about you, but we’ve really just begun to scratch the surface.

With that said, I’ve got two pieces of good news! The first; this is not the end of our journey, it’s just the beginning. We are mapping out the next phase of this journey because we’re on a quest to make a deeper impact on your health.

The next piece is that, if you joined our community but haven’t had time to follow along, all of the information we provided will remain on the Convoy blog and Facebook group will continue to be available to you. So stay tuned for details about our next journey and encourage your fellow drivers to join us, please!

We are grateful that you joined us on the inaugural Highway to Health ride. Now keep up the good work and go and do good things, friends, as this journey doesn’t really last four weeks, it’s more of a lifetime kinda thing .  I look forward to seeing you at our next stop!

Cheers to your health, Michelle


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