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Highway to Health – Week 3: Load Up to Slim Down

Behind the ScenesPublished on September 18, 2018

This is a guest blog post from Michelle Cartmel, health and wellness coach for Highway to Health. f you’re not registered for the program, register for free and receive the daily updates free daily health updates!

Hey Health Warriors! 

Welcome to Week 3 of Highway to Health. We hope that you are on your way to a healthier you, by now. If you haven’t had a chance to start yet, it’s not too late. Begin by reviewing our first few weeks of H2H coverage starting here and then join us right back here or on our Facebook group as soon as soon as you’re ready. 

The theme of this week is Load Up to Slim Down, and we’ll focus on three categories of foods that we want you to incorporate into your diet – not take out of it! We’re all accustomed to being told by nutrition experts what not to eat, right? And yes, I’m definitely guilty of that, especially when it comes to sugar, but this week I want you to think about the foods that you can eat that will make you feel great and help you to slim down. 

When it comes to eating, we need to have a healthy mindset about food, not just a healthy looking plate. So, if we’re on a “diet” and being told we cannot eat this or that, we often feel resentful because of all of the things we cannot have that the guy or gal next to us seems to be enjoying. But the moment we can begin to shift our mindset to thinking that the foods that we can have are delicious, filling and great for us – – is when we start to feel less resentful about not having that burger and fries for lunch and having the grilled chicken salad instead.  

That said, the three categories of foods we’ll focus on “loading up on” this week are good fats, grains and legumes, and nutrient-rich veggies/greens (good-bye iceberg lettuce, hello romaine!).  

 So tune-in to our private FB group on Monday and get ready to load up your refrigerator, your cooler and your plate with goodness. 

Cheers to your health, Michelle


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