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Hassle-Free BOL Uploading From Your Computer or App

CarriersPublished on September 24, 2019

Today, we added a new capability to Carrier Web so carriers can now upload Bills of Lading (BOLs) directly from their computer, in addition to the Convoy mobile app. Carrier Web is an online tool for carriers and their office staff to centrally manage paperwork, assign loads to drivers, and track payment status.

BOLs have traditionally been submitted through antiquated tools like faxes, emails, and even physical mail. The result is a slow and inefficient process that forces carriers to wait weeks to be paid. 

At Convoy, our goal is to provide the most hassle free experience for carriers, so in 2015 we introduced mobile BOL uploads to streamline document processing and ensure payment is sent within 2 business days via free Convoy Quickpay™ with no fees. 

As our carrier base has grown, larger carriers have told us they want the same convenience but need to centrally manage BOL submission across their fleet of drivers. To help, we’ve enabled BOL uploading on Carrier Web, for easy tracking of which BOLs have been submitted and to ensure quick payment.

“Managing paperwork is such a hassle but with Convoy’s mobile app and website, I can upload documents easily. Once it’s uploaded, I know it will get to where it needs to go, and I’ll get paid within a couple days.” — Juan, accounting department at National Transportation Services

To upload a BOL from your computer:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Select “Jobs” from the top menu
  3. Open the job the document is for.
  4. Click “Upload Documents”
  5. Select “Proof of Delivery / Bill of Lading”
  6. Upload the scan or clear photo of the BOL (we accept image or PDF formats)

All carriers hauling with Convoy have access to BOL upload on Carrier Web and our mobile app.

New to Convoy? Get set-up with a carriers‘ portal today.


Greg Akselrod

Greg is the Head of Product for Carrier Experience at Convoy. Before joining Convoy, Greg worked at and Microsoft. He earned an MBA from Foster at University of Washington and an Operations Research Engineering degree from Cornell University. Outside work, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, playing softball, and woodworking.
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