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ERGs and Inclusion at Convoy: Looking back at 2020 and ahead into 2021

Behind the ScenesPublished on January 30, 2021

As 2021 ramps up, we are actively planning Convoy’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within our company and community. Employee Resource Groups are a key part of our 2021 DE&I plan and priorities and we are looking forward to building  on the momentum and progress we made in 2020.

To continue fostering a culture of inclusion, Convoy expanded its array of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) over the last six months. ERGs are employee-led groups that offer a forum and opportunity to network internally, build a diverse community and create opportunities for learning and development.  Convoy’s current ERGs include:

  • Black @ Convoy – Representing and celebrating Black employees at Convoy, Black @ Convoy is helping create a supportive and inclusive community that promotes employee growth and allyship, as well as recruitment and community engagement.
  • Convoy Commanders – Supporting Convoy’s strategic goals by integrating veteran talent, creating strong teams with diverse perspectives, and sharing the experiences of veterans with the world. Convoy Commanders provides transition resources, employee support and development, and unique experiences to build a stronger company.
  • Latinx @ Convoy –  Cultivating an environment of inclusion and promoting diversity, as well as attracting, retaining, and developing members of the Hispanic/Latinx community across all of Convoy’s orgs.
  • Parents @ Convoy – A passionate group of Convoy employees who voluntarily work together to attract, retain, promote, and develop employees who are parents, and provide support and mentorship for working parents.
  • Pride @ Convoy – Making Convoy a more inclusive workplace by highlighting and representing the LGBTQIA members of our team and their allies. We achieve this by creating and advocating for community within the company, supporting the external LGBTQIA community, and helping to find and retain LGBTQIA talent.
  • TransportASIAN – An ERG for Convoy employees who are from Asia, have Asian roots, or are interested in Asian culture. TransportASIAN’s mission is to create an inclusive environment by promoting Asian diversity within Convoy and celebrating Asian cultures.
  • Womxn @ Convoy – Offering professional and personal development programming which cultivates a culture of empowerment for all Convoy employees, regardless of gender identity. Womxn @ Convoy offers womxn meaningful opportunities to connect with each other across the organization, including both peers and senior leaders.
  • Womxn of DDEP – Cultivating an inclusive community that fosters retention and professional development for women, transgender, and non-binary folks who are in the job families of design, data, engineering and product organizations at Convoy. Womxn of DDEP also include anyone who either already considers their job to highly overlap with these job families, or who aspire to work within these fields in the future.

Being new to Convoy myself, I love the organic and grass roots movement that has led to the formation of our ERGs – which is at the heart of community building and fostering a sense of belonging at our company.

In 2020, our ERG teams hosted a series of DEI dialogues following the murder of George Floyd. These sessions provided a powerful space for employees to come together and learn from one another. Taking the learnings from these sessions, ERG members designed ongoing forums and programs that enable employees to share resources on antiracism and DE&I best practices. This is a great channel to help build our tool-set and capability for inclusive behaviors in the workplace. Additionally, through ERG-led initiatives, Convoy teams have developed career growth and development programs. An example of this is the TechEd program, hosted by our Engineering team, and a Marketing Support Program, hosted by our Marketing team, designed to provide interested Convoy employees valuable skills in these fields.

In 2021, I want Convoy to build on the momentum we’ve gained over the past year and I am excited to dedicate resources to our DE&I efforts, more structured support to  amplify the impact and contributions of ERGs. We have a good foundation in place at Convoy with the ERGs playing a key role. However, there is a lot more we need and want to do to achieve our longer term vision of building an inclusive work environment where each employee can thrive and do their best work. I look forward to sharing more updates on the work ahead with ERGs and other parts of Convoy.

Convoy celebrates diversity in its carrier network. If you’re a carrier and want to learn about new opportunities, reach out to us at or visit our supplier diversity page for more information.


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