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Convoy Employee Spotlight – Miracle Middlebrooks

Behind the ScenesPublished on February 3, 2022

Convoy could not accomplish our mission of transforming the $800 billion freight industry and transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste without the amazing Convoyagers who work to solve the problems and inefficiencies that have plagued our industry for decades. Convoy employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and fill many distinct and vital roles within the company.

Today, we’re highlighting Miracle Middlebrooks, a Customer Success Manager on the Sales team. Miracle leads a team that builds relationships with our customers and focuses on quickly resolving any issues that arise on shipments.

What do you do at Convoy?

As a Customer Success Manager, I co-manage key customer accounts with Account Executives to build and maintain successful customer relationships. I strive to gain customer loyalty and build close long-term client relationships so that they continue to ship more freight with us over time. My goal is to make sure our customers think of Convoy as one of their favorite partners to work with by maximizing the value Convoy provides to them.

What is your proudest moment at Convoy?

My proudest moment at Convoy was working as a Shift Lead, managing the Sunday shift for the Customer Experience Team. The connections and trust built amongst the team were genuine. I would leave Sunday evenings feeling great for having supported the team by helping them focus on high-priority work items like last-minute shipments or issues that come up with drivers on the road. This also set the Monday morning team up for success to meet our customers’ needs.

What excites you most about Convoy?

The thing that excites me most about Convoy is our use of tech in an industry where that’s not the traditional norm. I love that as a company we are so data driven, and are able to use that data to help shippers and carriers save money and work more efficiently. We have the best engineers creating tools, compiling data and insights not only for us to use, but for our customers as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what new customers we’ll work with in the future and how much freight we can move as we continue to introduce the world to our Digital Freight Network.

In my current role, establishing and maintaining healthy customer relationships is also exciting because I play an integral part in the long-term growth of Convoy!

How has Convoy helped you in your career development?

Convoy has helped my career development by introducing me to data analytics and different tools in a light I had never seen before. I am grateful for being introduced to SQL and Tableau. I hadn’t previously used those tools. Convoy has also helped my career development by challenging me to think outside of the box, and to step outside of my comfort zone when communicating with customers, problem solving, and reaching my goals. Besides gaining my work “family,” I have gained so much freight knowledge, leadership skills, and awareness of tools to use for problem solving and data analysis.

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