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Convoy Employee Spotlight – Mikey Abboud

Behind the ScenesPublished on October 19, 2021

Convoy could not accomplish our mission of transforming the $800 billion freight industry and transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste without the amazing Convoyagers who work to solve the problems and inefficiencies that have plagued our industry for decades.  Convoy employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and fill many distinct and vital roles within the company. Today, we’re highlighting Mikey Abboud, a senior product manager on the Convoy Go team, who focuses on the continued growth of Convoy’s drop-and-hook program. 

What do you do at Convoy?
I work closely with Engineering, Data Science, Design, and the rest of the business as a senior product manager for Convoy Go to redefine the way drop-and-hook freight is done in the industry. I focus on connecting business strategy, design knowledge, and customer needs in order to develop a product that is relevant and valuable to our customers. 

What excites you most about Convoy?
Our mission-led approach to transforming the transportation industry is one of the most exciting aspects about working at Convoy. It weaves itself through the core of our work, and always challenges us to answer the question: “how does this help shippers and carriers?”. In my role, this mission helps frame our priorities and really challenges us to go above and beyond. Instead of pushing for incremental improvements in capacity, we are pushing to truly get to the “endless capacity” space, which will be transformative in the industry.

What excites you most about your current role?
Two main things: innovating in an industry that impacts everyday life and working with amazing people all throughout the company. The transportation and supply chain industry is so ubiquitous, and the opportunity to make it more efficient, less wasteful, and more effective for all those who participate in and benefit from it is super exciting. It is a privilege to work with and learn from all the wonderful people here at Convoy, whether that is folks in the Product organization or outstanding members of our Operations team, every day I learn something new from my coworkers.

If you could pick one theme for Convoy to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?
I think the theme would be around “Loving Problems, Not Solutions”. As a core value to our company, it has been a guiding principle as we have been through different market cycles, company iterations, and difficult times. I think holding steady to the problems we were solving and not getting hung up on whatever solutions we were pursuing at the time has allowed us to adapt and grow in an ever-changing world.

How has Convoy helped you in your career development?
Working in a fast-paced environment where the solutions are never straightforward has helped me grow quickly in my role and scope. Convoy has helped me become more confident in taking action, getting my hands dirty, and advocating for what I believe is the right path forward. Additionally, Convoy has helped me learn how to effectively collaborate across all the different functions of a business at a scale that would be difficult at any other company.

What excites you most about Convoy’s future?
Expanding into all the different and exciting aspects of supply chain and logistics. We are barely even scratching the surface of the potential that this space holds, and I am motivated to keep pushing further. Convoy is well positioned to take advantage of all the great advancements that are coming and I can’t wait to be part of whatever is coming next.

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