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Convoy Tech Blog: How the Engineering team is keeping trucks full by algorithmically bundling shipments

Convoy NewsPublished on December 7, 2019

Earlier this year, we introduced Automated Reloads, a solution that algorithmically evaluates and optimizes how loads can be grouped in real-time, all without human intervention.

Today, Marketplace software engineer Amin Amiri penned an article on Convoy’s Tech Blog talking about the engineering team’s journey in building graph algorithms. These algorithms keep trucks running full and solve for the vehicle routing problem dispatchers experience when sending their fleet out to complete shipments.

“At Convoy, we created an algorithm that bundles shipments together. At first glance, this algorithm might look like a special case of the Traveling Salesman or Vehicle Routing problem. But in reality, things are a little more complicated. We are dealing with a dynamic system where shipment requests are not a fixed set of inputs, but instead arrive to the marketplace one-by-one and gradually over time.”

Check out the article here, give it a clap, and be sure to follow the Convoy Tech Blog as engineers, data scientists, designers and product thinkers provide their take on changing the future of freight.

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