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Convoy rolls out sharable GPS freight tracking links for shippers

ShippersPublished on August 20, 2020

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of shareable GPS freight tracking links in the Convoy shipper platform. By simply copying and pasting a tracking URL, shippers can now extend Convoy’s real-time GPS visibility and shipment status data to their entire supply chain network.

Share real-time GPS freight tracking in two clicks

You know exactly where your take-out delivery is at every step of its journey to your front door – so why are so many businesses still faced with sending 40,000 pounds of product onto the open road with no real-time tracking guarantee? Even with all of the freight technology at our fingertips, getting visibility into the status of shipments still ranks in the top three logistics challenges for shippers today.

Visibility into the status of shipments still ranks in the top three logistics challenges for shippers today.
 Source: Convoy Shipper Survey, July 2020

Businesses who ship with Convoy tell us they most commonly need to give truckload visibility and status updates to their own customer service and sales reps, warehouse and delivery location staff, as well as end customers. Traditionally, this required a manual and time-consuming chain of phone calls that sometimes had to be repeated several times during the course of a shipment. With shareable tracking links surfaced in multiple convenient locations within the Convoy shipper platform, you can now easily insert a live tracking URL into an email, TMS system, or other management tool.

In addition to reducing the time and hassle of sharing status updates, freight tracking links can also help with warehousing optimization. When facility managers know precisely when a truck is going to show up, they can improve dock scheduling, operations, and labor management as a result.

If you’re starting from the Convoy shipper platform home page, simply locate the shipment you want to share tracking details for, and select “View Tracking Page”

Easy-to-share GPS freight tracking links in the Convoy shipper platform give real-time GPS tracking data on your shipments to your entire supply chain network.

This will open the shipment status card which is a customer-friendly view of your freight updated in real time. The status card includes shipment details, the precise GPS driver location on a map view, and an ETA down to the minute.

To share this status card with your customers and supply chain partners, simply click on the “Share Link” button under the map view, and the link will be copied to your clipboard. From there, you can paste the link in an email, a TMS field, spreadsheet – really anywhere you need. This enables easy access to continuously updated shipment status information on this load for anyone in your supply chain network.

Providing industry-leading location visibility with driver compliance

The value of having GPS tracking is only realized when drivers use a GPS-enabled app and turn on location services. One of the biggest challenges in providing consistent GPS data for truckload freight is driver app usage. Standalone GPS tracking apps and platform players struggle with this, and provide spotty data as a result.

In contrast, the Convoy app is the way that drivers find, view, bid on, and get paid for the loads they haul.  Because of this, Convoy has industry-leading use of its app and location services, providing supply chain teams with reliable location visibility on their shipments.

Unlock new levels of supply chain visibility

Today’s announcement is part of Convoy’s ongoing commitment to unlock new levels of supply chain visibility for our customers. With a broad set of tools and services for tracking shipments and gaining insights into facility performance, we’re helping shippers identify operational inefficiencies, improve customer service, and lower their total cost of shipping. 

Ready for more insight and control? Start shipping with Convoy today.

If you like taking matters into your own hands – get started with the Convoy shipper platform for direct self-serve access to Convoy’s digital freight network. Get instant upfront pricing for spot freight, and book spot and contract shipments with just a few clicks.

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Convoy shipper platform is now part of Convoy’s integrated online platform for shippers. For more information, take a look at our freight booking software.


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