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Convoy Radio: Discussing the DRIVE-Safe Act with Director of Quality and Compliance Lorin Seeks

Convoy NewsPublished on May 8, 2019

With hosts Jake Henderson and Michael Lewis, Convoy Radio connects with a variety of voices from the trucking world. Hear from an owner-operator who built his own trucking company — and get an inside look at the latest in technology, legislative issues, road safety, supply chain management, and more.

For Episode 6 of Convoy Radio, we discuss the DRIVE-Safe Act. The Act seeks to change the driving age from 21 to 18 for interstate transit. Convoy Director of Quality and Compliance Lorin Seeks provides a comprehensive understanding of the Act and how it impacts those in the industry. Seeks brings over 20 years of logistics experience as the Senior Manager for Global Logistics at Starbucks and more. We dive into both sides of the DRIVE-Safe Act, how it impacts drivers and business owners, and how the bill can create career options for young adults.

“The DRIVE-Safe Act is a great way to bring young people into the industry and get the training needed to be a safe driver,” said Seeks.

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Elise VanVuren

Elise is a manager for our quality and compliance team and enjoys every second of it! She has a passion for using technology to enable efficient business operations and has experience creating and enhancing many different internal tools and systems through product enhancements. She is excited to bring that experience to the trucking industry as we continually look to improve both the shipper and carrier experience.
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