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Convoy Launches ‘Convoy Now’ to Open API Access to the Convoy Network and Provide Automated Real-Time Pricing and Capacity for Live and Drop Loads

Convoy NewsPublished on September 16, 2019

Today we’re thrilled to announce Convoy Now, a program that gives shippers, Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTPs), and other logistics companies direct access to Convoy’s automated real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity for both live and drop-and-hook loads. This includes a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs), developer tools, and pricing programs that let anyone who manages freight access Convoy’s network of high-quality carriers for shipments at a competitive price.

Historically, shippers have had to rely on time-consuming back-and-forth processes when requesting rates from carriers. With Convoy Now, we’ve automated the rate procurement process, streamlining the shipper experience and making it easier to find more affordable coverage with our real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity. New programs like dynamic routing guides allow shippers to take advantage of real-time pricing, saving them time and often lowering costs. 

Convoy Now offers our customers and partners more options for how they access our network. We offer an easy-to-use set of APIs, tools, and programs so customers can leverage our automated real-time prices within the tools and processes they already use. Partners like BluJay, MercuryGate, One Network, and DHL Supply Chain have started using Convoy Now APIs to help their shippers save on cost and time by using our automated real-time pricing in their systems. 

“Shippers using One Network to manage their freight are looking to simplify their complex supply chains, so we see great value in the efficiencies that Convoy offers our customers,” said Johann Van Der Westhuizen, VP Strategic Business Development from One Network. “By directly integrating Convoy’s real-time pricing into our TMS, we’ve been able to introduce another streamlined way for our customers to find and book affordable, high-quality coverage.”

We have also worked with customers like KraftHeinz to directly integrate automated real-time pricing into their own custom TMS. With custom integrations, shippers can access our real-time pricing directly from their routing guides wherever they manage their freight. Convoy Now supports these custom integrations with a set of developer tools and resources, and also supports out-of-the-box TMS integrations with our current partners.

Introducing automated real-time pricing for Convoy Go

Today we also announced a first for the freight industry with the launch of automated real-time pricing for our nationwide drop-and-hook program, Convoy Go. Convoy Go provides our customers with the flexibility of having both live and drop shipment options available to them. Until today, it has taken shippers hours to manually get prices for drop-and-hook shipments because carriers and asset brokers do not have an automated process to manage large trailer pools with real-time pricing. For the first time, Convoy Now offers shippers automated real-time pricing for Convoy Go drop-and-hook shipments by leveraging our API. This gives our customers lower costs, faster coverage, and more efficient facility operations.

At Convoy, we’re constantly striving to develop new approaches to solve problems for our customers in the transportation industry. Let us know if you’re interested in discussing a partnership or integration. We’re always looking for innovative organizations to collaborate with. 

Shippers interested in adding Convoy’s automated real-time prices to their supported TMS application can email Transportation service providers and shippers who would like to directly integrate with Convoy Now can contact

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