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Convoy Haul Star, Robert Key, Shares His Experience with Convoy

Behind the Scenes, CarriersPublished on September 15, 2020

Robert Key, owner-operator of Bizzyb Transport LLC, sits down with Macey Knecht, Convoy’s Carrier Advocacy Specialist, to discuss his experience hauling freight with Convoy. 

Macey: Thank you for joining us today Robert! One of my favorite questions to ask carriers is what brought you to Convoy, and how did your first shipment go?

Robert: “Okay. I’m a little sentimental about that first shipment because of the circumstances surrounding it. It was crazy. I got into it with my last broker, and it just became a very nasty relationship because I guess there was a very personal report between him and I. When we had a disagreement on rates and he was getting pressured from his end but I was standing my ground on my position, it caused friction. We ended up severing ties right there on the spot.

So I’m stuck out in Florida with no load, and no broker, and I’m calling my wife asking ‘why is this happening to me’. I thought about giving up because I was so tired of this, but my third party group that handles administratives for compliance had sent me a list of brokers a couple days before and I had applied to one. So I already had the application set up, but I had never used Convoy. 

For me, when something is supposed to bring me down, it actually lifts me up. That’s when I rise the most because I feel like it’s God’s way of telling me I am strong enough to deal with this and be better for it. 

So I said, let’s give Convoy a try, let’s see what they got. 

I saw a load and I booked it. I was on the phone with my wife and I had it accepted and thought ‘wow that’s quick’. It was above market rate and that load in particular was dropped by another carrier so it was already a late load but the facilities were going to work me in. I was sitting there for about 24 hours and with a touch of a button I had full layover pay, detention, and stop pay. 

It was never a question or a hesitation from Convoy to back me up on that compensation. I never had to complain or give anyone a hard time to get my compensation and they were so friendly over the phone. This was a different experience than the other brokers because you have to squeeze every dollar out of them, but that’s not how it is with Convoy.

I thought right then and there if this is the type of experience I am going to have, I’m going to continue to use them and see how far it goes. I’m going into this relationship with a certain amount of optimism, but every time you guys keep steppin’ up and steppin up. 

Every time I call in it’s such a  pleasant voice on the other end of the phone and they are so accommodating. They actually treat me like a human being. 

You will find Robert’s truck running shipments in the local Atlanta, GA market. He prefers to run locally so he can spend time with his family at the end of his HOS.

Macey: That is incredible to hear Robert! I know how difficult it can be to sit at a facility while you are trying to get worked in. Having the confidence that you will be compensated is essential to the operations, and it’s one of the main reasons we created hassle-free detention. 

You have provided so much feedback to Convoy and I want to take a quick moment to say thank you for your feedback. Without drivers like yourself, we wouldn’t be here today with the tools we’ve created.

Robert: I don’t mind giving Convoy my feedback because I’m gaining from the experience in terms of my knowledge level. Speaking with you and communicating with other Haul Stars and other carriers it actually gives me direct insight into my industry from people who have various experiences that can help me understand what I need to do personally to succeed and the tools I have to use to do so. 

A friend of mine told me that a while ago. He’s always like, “Talk to other drivers, bro.” Talk to them and communicate, even if it’s just calling in just to shoot the breeze. You’d be surprised what you might learn just in that simple conversation because you’re in the same industry. So, naturally, the conversation’s going to progress to trucking and just in a casual conversation, you learn something every single time that you talk to somebody that’s in this industry. I always communicate with guys… Even my mechanics, they’re invaluable information just from being around those guys as to how to maintain my vehicle and get the most out of it.

If you’re in that industry, you want to link with like-minded people. People that are thinking about the same things that you’re thinking about. They might not be in the same way, which gives you a better perspective because you get to see the whole entire panoramic view of everything, all at the same time and still be able to understand the intricacies that make up the sum of the whole.

When Robert isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren.

Macey: You’ve told me in the past working with Convoy is a ‘good marriage’. Can you explain what you mean by this? 

Robert: Convoy actually makes me feel like I’m doing well now and I have a potential to do better. And I feel like this company is going to assist me in the process. Whatever my needs are at whatever level I’m at, Convoy is willing to work with me there and help me along the way to build my brand and business.

And It’s a real relationship. Coming from being married since I was 21 years old, I rely on relationships and when I see something good, I tend to stay withit. There are other brokers who flash all these numbers at us carriers and make all these wonderful promises, but Convoy delivers on what they say they are going to do every time, so i never have to question you. 

You’ve heard me say every day I find a new reason to fall in love with my wife and it’s the same for Convoy. Every day I find a new reason to love Convoy and I already appreciate you guys! There is always something new that Convoy brings to the table that makes me appreciate them that much more. The fact that you actually take the time to ask people questions to understand what their needs are and what they want to see happen in this industry makes the world of a difference. 

“What makes you a more efficient business, what do you want to see from your shippers and receivers, what are your costs” – nobody ever asks these questions. And you actually address these problems and partner with other companies to lower our costs. I don’t expect that from a broker but Convoy prioritizes it as a digital freight network.

Macey: Incredible. This platform was created for owner-operators like yourself who are looking for new ways to find success, expand your knowledge, and improve the efficiencies in this industry. I’m greatly looking forward to continuing this relationship, and I wish you and your family the best in all of your endeavors. Thank you, Robert! 


Macey Knecht

Macey works at Convoy as the team's Carrier Marketing Specialist. Before her transition to the marketing team, she helped lead the support operations and app engagement teams at Convoy. When she isn't speaking with carriers, she enjoys watersports, backpacking, and "sending it" on the ski mountain.
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