Convoy Connect’s Order-Centric TMS turns customer orders into high-efficiency shipments

Convoy Connect, Convoy’s free transportation management system (TMS), now instantly consolidates orders to create high-efficiency full truckload shipments. In developing Convoy Connect, we observed transportation coordinators continuously struggle to handle the flood of incoming orders that need to be delivered to their customers. They would manually translate these orders into shipments again and again, just trying to keep up with the volume and delivery dates. The new order-centric updates help eliminate the inefficiencies of manual order consolidation by automating the entire process.

The primary task of a transportation team is to make sure each customer order is delivered in a timely, efficient manner. Many start with a list of customer orders and then combine them into full-truckload shipments to get them moving. Teams working out of email and spreadsheets have to extract customer orders from an ERP or accounting system and then figure out how to group them into either LTL or FTL shipments to get them delivered to customers on-time. This process involves filtering, searching, scanning, and grouping orders from a spreadsheet into truckload shipments. This often leads to errors, late order delivery, wasted money sending orders over LTL when they could be booked as FTL, and last minute scrambles to cover lost orders.

Automate shipment creation: orders in, shipments out 

The new order-centric functionality in Convoy Connect helps transportation coordinators quickly get orders moving for their customers on time and at cost.

Using simple order data (origin, destination, time requirements, weight, pallet and unit counts), Connect gives shippers automated suggestions for orders that are consolidated into efficient shipments. These shipments are automatically created in the TMS, which means transportation coordinators are just 3 clicks away from tendering the shipment to their preferred carrier.

Transportation coordinators are easily able to modify the suggestions or build their own combinations using a simple drag and drop interface. Plus, Connect keeps key utilization indicators front and center, making it quick and easy for anyone to construct efficient shipments based on customer order data.

Finally, there is no manual data-entry. All of the shipments created from orders can be searched and cross referenced using a shippers own internal ID or purchase order number. This means you no longer need to keep track of which shipments contains a specific order. All of this order data is at your fingertips directly in the Connect TMS.

Shippers don’t need to pay for any integration with their ERP or accounting software to take advantage of this functionality. Simply upload your order spreadsheet to Convoy Connect, and the system will take care of the rest. Learn more and get started with Convoy Connect TMS for free at

Convoy Team
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