Convoy Partners with TMS Provider BluJay to Bring Instant Market Rates to Shippers Nationwide

Today, we’re proud to announce a partnership with BluJay Solutions, a leading supply chain software and service provider.   This partnership provides shippers with direct access to Convoy’s instant market rates with guaranteed tender acceptance no matter the market conditions, via BluJay’s Transportation Management dashboard.  This direct integration has already begun to roll out with select customers, delivering the added benefits of:

  • Instant visibility into real-time rates
  • Access to a large, high-quality carrier network
  • Guaranteed tender acceptance throughout the year
  • Faster, more-efficient means at managing their shipments from one centralized tool
  • Simple setup in days, requires no IT support

Jeff Potts, VP of Client Services at BluJay Solutions, shares: “The shippers we serve benefit from access to more coverage options directly within our product, and Convoy Dynamic Pricing provided a seamless way for us to bring that into our dashboard. This integration allows us to offer our customers real-time prices in BluJay’s Transportation Management solution so they don’t have to leave our platform to get that information.”

Read the complete press release here.

Rene Miller
Rene is a product manager at Convoy focused on strategy and roadmap execution for all external pricing integrations. He previously worked in roles in technology business operations, venture capital, and consulting after graduating from MIT. Outside of Convoy, Rene enjoys hiking with his wife, creating bespoke taco recipes, reading, and showing pictures of his dog to anyone interested.