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Reduce pickup and delivery delays with Convoy’s Automated Bill of Ladings

Convoy News, ShippersPublished on January 7, 2021

Shippers can now reduce unnecessary pickup and delivery delays by streamlining communication between their warehouses and drivers using Convoy’s Automated Bill of Lading (BOL) generator, available in the Convoy shipper platform. BOL’s are industry-standard documents used to communicate the timing, product mix and destination of a shipment with warehouses. With most online booking platforms, transportation teams have to enter shipment details to book the shipment and then enter that same information in a separate system to create the BOL. If the information doesn’t match this can lead to lost time and delays. Convoy’s Automated BOLs creates a ready-to-print BOL based on the latest shipment information that shippers can send directly to their warehouses to streamline delivery. 

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Your bill of lading may be causing delays 

BOL’s help shippers, carriers and warehouses identify what needs to be loaded onto a truck, when it needs to be delivered and any other special requirements. Many shippers send brokers and carriers shipment details through some combination of emails, PDFs or manual entry into a booking system and then create a BOL separately. This duplication of work leads to lost time and unnecessary errors as the information the driver receives can be different than what is stated on the BOL. For example, a tiny misstep in typing out the pickup number can cause a big delay for the shipment at pickup. This leads to back and forth between the driver, carrier or broker, and shipper to try and identify where the issue is with pickup, source the right pickup number and get the shipment on it’s way. 

Streamline shipping with Automated BOLs

Convoy’s Automated BOLs simplify the BOL creation process to ensure that the information assigned drivers receive matches the information on the BOL. When businesses book their shipments on-demand through Convoy’s shipper platform, a BOL containing all of the necessary information is automatically generated and stored. All members of a transportation team can access and download the BOL from anywhere, simply by logging in. The BOL also updates in real-time as users change the shipment information, such as appointment time, special instructions, order numbers and more. This guarantees that the information received by the driver and the warehouse will match, thus reducing delays at pickup and delivery. 

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Esther Sedgwick

Esther Sedgwick is a Director of Marketing at Convoy focused on technology solutions for shippers. Prior to Convoy, Esther was a Director of Marketing at Microsoft where she launched 17 products across the Windows, Xbox, and Surface businesses over her 10 year tenure. Esther’s experience growing up on a commercial apple farm in Eastern Washington fuels her passion for using technology to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the freight industry.
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