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Reducing The Hassle Of Finding Loads To Haul & Managing Jobs On Carrier Web

CarriersPublished on December 14, 2020

As part of our constant focus on reducing the hassle for carriers, we’re excited to share several updates to Carrier Web, our web-based load board experience. These updates enable carriers to easily find work and manage the loads they’ve hauled as part of running and growing their businesses. 

Located on the Offers page, our new map search provides carriers with a bird’s eye view of high load density areas, indicated by larger dots, and darker shades of red signaling where Convoy is paying above-market average rates. Prior to this update, carriers would find loads by searching each city individually and did not have an easy way to see loads and rates across the country in a single view. Providing a map view ensures carriers can quickly find loads that keep their trucks full and maximize their income. 

Carriers can now search by origin, destination, trailer type, and dates – with the map search updating based on the parameters provided. Additionally, hovering over a metro provides an overview of how many loads are available, with a click automatically updating the results to focus on that metro. Once carriers have found loads they are interested in hauling, they can quickly bid directly on the map view page or the offers list, with no additional clicks or phone calls required.

Convoy Carrier Web Map Search
Updated Jobs Pages

To provide a better jobs organization and search experience, the My Jobs page has been updated to focus on upcoming and active jobs the carrier has booked. All of the loads are now organized by date to make it easier to find and manage loads. The new Completed Jobs page, formerly called Payment History, organizes loads based on their statuses for easy identification and management. Additionally, on both the My Jobs and Completed Jobs pages, carriers can now search by driver, load ID, and date to quickly find the specific load they are looking for.

These new features were developed directly from carrier feedback and we welcome any suggestions from carriers in our network! Send us a note and let us know your thoughts!

Every carrier in our network now has access to these new features on Carrier Web, as well the ability to bid on and book automated reloads, dedicated freight, and power only loads. 

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