Carrier Web 2.0: Now With Automated Reloads and Instant Bidding

Carrier Web 2.0: Now With Automated Reloads, Instant Bidding, and More

Carriers have told us that there are times they prefer to work on a computer — including when they have multiple trucks or dispatchers, when a dedicated bookkeeper manages paperwork and receipts, or simply when they are not on the road. That’s why we first launched our web experience for carriers in July of 2017.

Today, we’re excited to share a major upgrade that provides carriers with a hassle-free trucking experience and makes it easy to work with us, whether you’re on the road, at the office, or at home. As a Convoy carrier, you can now use features such as Search for Loads and Automated Reloads from your computer.

“Convoy’s Carrier Web makes it easier & faster to see & read everything on the computer instead of the phone, as our dispatchers are always in the office.” – Erica, dispatcher for Dulai Pride

Recommended Offers, Search and Offer Details

With Carrier Web, you can find work and manage your business from a computer.

  • Find work:
    • View recommended offers and Automated Reloads to keep your trucks full without hassle.
    • Name your price for a load using Instant Bidding and with no need for phone calls or negotiations.
    • Search for the loads you want with the right dates and trailer type. Sort by pick-up date, miles, or payout.
  • Manage your business:
    • View ratecons and directly print a copy for your records.
    • Upload scanned documents directly from your computer (coming soon).
    • Manage your company’s schedule with a single dashboard where you can assign drivers for each upcoming load.
    • Track status of payment on completed loads and your eligibility for Convoy QuickPay™.
Plan your schedule via Upcoming Jobs
  • Update your Profile & Account:
    • Manage the access your drivers and dispatchers have to Convoy.
    • Update your carrier profile, including your equipment and the regions you work in, so Convoy can provide better load recommendations.
Update your data through Carrier Profiles

“I would recommend Convoy’s Carrier Web to everyone in the trucking industry. It is easy to use and great for finding work — it takes only a minute to see what is available. You can bid on loads, have your rates on file, and booking takes no time. We also use the website to see when we get paid for all of our loads” – Harry, owner and dispatcher for Winding Brook Transport

“Convoy has the best app and website in the industry and it’s seamless to switch between them” – Kiran, dispatcher from Pawa Trucking.

Carrier Web is available to all carriers. Start using it today by visiting and log in using your registered phone number.

New to Convoy? Sign up for free here.

Convoy Team
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