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Carrier Snapshot Report Q1 2018

Industry InsightsPublished on April 16, 2018

For both the 30 year veteran and the new owner-operator, 2017 proved to be a memorable year. The perfect storm of driver capacity crunches, hurricanes, and federal mandates created a market where truck prices surged and marketplace balance shifted. While this meant increased driver earnings across the country through the latter half of the year it also disrupted shipper process and expectations leading to an increase in tender rejection rates and additional volume hitting the spot market.

Surveying Freight Trucking RFPs

We surveyed 362 Convoy carriers from across the United States to learn what was top of mind in 2018. This snapshot of the industry covers everything from empty miles to ELD. Use these findings to help inform your transportation strategy and get a little look inside the head of the carriers transporting your goods.

Survey highlights:

  • On average, 82% of dispatchers, for-hire carriers, and owner-operators use a mobile app to book loads.
  • 94% of dispatchers and for-hire carriers drive solo.
  • There were 982,030 empty miles driven during the month, which is equal to 163,671 gallons of wasted gas.
  • Carriers are running a total average of 12,125 miles per truck, per month.

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer is the Head of Sustainability at Convoy, helping transportation leaders make progress against their environmental and social impact goals.
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