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Convoy launches carbon offset program to run carbon neutral shipments and help customers meet emissions goals

SustainabilityPublished on November 12, 2020

Today we take another step toward our goal of zero waste in shipping with our carbon offset program. This program, one of the first truckload focused offset offerings, gives businesses the ability to ship carbon neutral with carbon offsets. A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, which is created through an emissions reduction project. There has been a shift in the way sustainability advocates see scope 3 and the urgency with which companies address it — just in the last few years. Carbon offsets are an effective way for shippers to counteract their scope 3 carbon emissions produced during transportation.

We estimate that full truckload freight shipping emits over 200 million metric tons of CO2 on an annual basis, and businesses regularly struggle with reducing and offsetting emissions from transportation due to limitations in reporting and tracking of the third parties involved. Convoy’s offset offering provides shippers a clean way to approach this problem.

Convoy is continuously working on reducing empty miles and the emissions associated with them through features such as Automated Reloads and Green Appointment Windows, but there are still emissions produced moving products where they need to be. By voluntarily purchasing a carbon offset, Shippers can address these emissions and commit to building a more sustainable supply chain.


Convoy has partnered with Foundation to invest in offset projects that create environmental benefits and improvements to their local communities. is a leading U.S.-based nonprofit corporation that has provided carbon emissions reduction and climate solutions since 2003.

“Our motto is to reduce what you can, offset what you can’t. Convoy offering this program in addition to their current progress in eliminating empty miles does just that”, said Eric Carlson, President of “We’re thrilled to partner with Convoy to take this step in addressing emissions in trucking.”

To kickoff our program we’re supporting two initiatives:

  • Truck stop electrification that reduces the need for truck drivers to burn diesel to stay comfortable and operate electronics in their cabs;
  • Forest conservation in the Amazon rainforest that mitigates deforestation pressures by providing alternative economic opportunities to local communities.

Projects we invest in are verified under internationally recognized standards by third party organizations, such as the American Carbon Registry, Verified Carbon Standard, and the Gold Standard. These projects are vetted to ensure that all carbon offsets produced are independently quantified, verified, and registered.


Convoy is offering this program at the cost of the credits with no markup – 100% of funds go directly towards the purchase of carbon offsets. As transportation leaders recognize the importance of quantifying sustainability metrics, Convoy makes it easy to track and report on the effect of their shipping activities. 

Our goal is to provide visibility into the shipping footprint that allows transportation leaders to understand their impact and take action. Convoy does this by simplifying the process of estimating and calculating emissions and handling the effort to ensure that projects that create environmental benefits are supported. 

Convoy envisions a future where all shipments can be carbon neutral through this program and other core emissions reduction efforts.

Our core efforts will continue to leverage our digital freight network to offer more efficient shipping options. As we continue to grow our network and green shipping programs, we will also reduce the need to offset. Convoy uses its best in class data insights to show businesses their transportation emissions, reductions in waste from Convoy’s efficiency features, and the impact from offsetting those emissions. 


Transportation teams can elect to offset the carbon emissions from a specific shipment or all shipments with Convoy. We calculate the estimated carbon emissions using your freight’s characteristics such as route miles, weight, and equipment type. Then based on the calculated emissions, we select an equivalent offset amount to reduce the carbon footprint to zero. Offset purchases will be completed by who will retire the credits and issue certification to the shipper. 

Convoy customers can contact their Account Management to set up a tailored plan to meet your sustainability goals. Convoy will provide quarterly reporting on your road to carbon neutral shipping, including emissions data and project impact. Businesses not currently working with Convoy can email to get started.


We have elected to completely offset our scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions produced by our office operations in 2020. In addition to our green building practices, we are offsetting the emissions to run our business in both our Seattle and Atlanta offices. Our commitment helps ensure we can operate our business sustainably for years to come.


Jennifer Wong

Jennifer is the Head of Sustainability at Convoy, helping transportation leaders make progress against their environmental and social impact goals.
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