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Announcing Automated Bidding with Request a Load: Enabling Carriers to Get the Loads They Want at the Rate They Want

Convoy now offers the fastest, easiest way to keep your trucks running full on your favorite lanes at the rates that work for your business. Introducing automated bidding with Request a Load.

Our carriers tell us that finding loads at rates that work is time consuming and stressful. Finding a great match often means many calls to brokers, remembering to post your trucks, constantly checking for new offers, and scouring hundreds of irrelevant loads. When a call comes through with a good lane match, the rate often does not work.

“I spend up to 75% of my non-driving time looking for work,” said Roberto Casillas, Owner Operator at Reyn Transportation. “The way the market has been lately, I can’t afford to look away, as I could miss a load.”

Using automated bidding with Request a Load, you never have to miss out on a load again — and better yet, it’s hassle-free to keep your truck full. Tell us when your truck will be empty and what lanes you like to run, along with the rate that works for your business. Then, we automatically bid for you on matching loads in the Convoy network as soon as the load hits the market.

There’s no extra work after submitting the request. No fielding broker calls. No negotiation. No need to constantly check the app. No missing out. If you win, we instantly notify you and all you do is tap to accept.

Automated bidding with Request a Load also provides us with better data on carrier preferences that improves our relevance and machine-learning models. This complements our ability to find the ideal load for the carrier, which recently enabled Convoy be the first freight marketplace to reach the milestone of 100% automated matching.

The ‘Convoy way’ of keeping your trucks full is different

Never miss a load again

Diana Guilamo is an early user of automated bidding with Request a Load and says it saves her time that she can use on other high priority tasks. She now enters a mix of recurring requests so she can see offers on lanes she’s always interested in, as well as daily requests based on where her trucks are.

Convoy’s automated bidding with Request a Load has become my new normal in finding loads to keep my six trucks rolling. This has made my job easier and right now, it’s the primary way I get loads,” said Guilamo, a dispatcher with Francisco Trucking Corp. “Before, it used to be hard to get a load. By the time I would see one and respond, someone else would have taken it. Now I have a chance.”

Richard Vietor, Owner at Jack Travis Logistics, says this simplifies how he approaches finding loads to keep his trucks full.

“This is perfect. I know my lanes. I know my rates, and now that I have them all in Convoy’s system, I never miss a load. They let me know when they have the right lane and the right price, and all I have to do is press accept.”

Start requesting loads today. Here’s the step-by-step guide:  

    1. In the Convoy app, tap on Requests, then Create New Request

    1. Enter your preferred lane and availability, along with your rate, then hit submit

    1. Convoy alerts you when a load meets your preferences

  1. Tap Confirm to accept the loads you want

Automated bidding with Request a Load now is available to all carriers on the latest version of the Convoy app. New to Convoy? Sign up for free here.

Nikhil Jaipuria
Nikhil is the Director of Product for the Carrier Experience team, where he is responsible for building a product that carriers love. Before Convoy, he was at Granular, building software for farmers and also worked at Microsoft. Nikhil has an engineering degree from PESIT, India and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Outside work, Nikhil is a coffee nerd, enjoys playing tennis, and is the 2018 Convoy ping pong champion.