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Kristen Forecki
I’m the Vice President of Supply at Convoy. I joined Convoy because I believe carriers and drivers deserve the kinds of innovation that we’ve seen in industries like retail, travel, and communication. When I’m not working on trucking, I spend time with my dog, my garden, or listening to a great podcast.

Posts by Kristen Forecki:

Reflections on Women@Convoy

As Convoy continues on its journey toward building a more equitable company, it takes the support of the whole Convoy community to make that vision a reality.  This was especially true in the formation of our Women@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG), Convoy’s first ERG, in 2018. Women@Convoy emerged from a groundswell of ardent and supportive…

Convoy Opens Second Office in Atlanta

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we are opening our first office outside of our Seattle headquarters with a new office in Atlanta, GA. Over the past three years, we’ve grown our customer base to include Fortune 500 brands, regional titans, and local shippers. As we’ve expanded nationwide, we’ve seen dramatic growth in the demand…

Get your detention approved instantly with Convoy

Detention is one of the biggest issues affecting the trucking industry today1. DAT research shows that nearly 63% of drivers spend more than 3 hours at the shipper’s dock each time they’re loaded or unloaded. All that time adds up to more than 4 billion hours that truck drivers spend waiting at facilities each year2.…