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Jessica is a Programs Specialist at Convoy.

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Weekly Freight Market Update: Flowers Strain Reefer Capacity

Nationally, there were minimal changes in shipping volume and tender rejection rates. In the South, produce season has started to pick up, and we’re seeing elevated reefer tender rejection rates in both Jacksonville, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Reefer tender rejection rates are up all along the eastern United States, including Columbia, South Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee;…

Weekly Freight Market Update: Produce Season Starts to Squeeze Capacity

With the Vidalia onion harvest officially underway, over 200 million pounds of the bulb vegetable will start moving from now through August. This is a major indicator that produce season has arrived in southern Georgia, and it’s continuing to move northward. Specialized equipment, such as flatbed trailers, will begin to relocate from neighboring markets while…

Weekly Freight Market Update: How Low Can Tender Rejection Rates Go?

Capacity continues to be abundant across the nation. National tender rejection rates hit a 12-month low on Tuesday, April 9 — reaching 4.85%. However, on Wednesday, April 10, tender rejection rates jumped 13.2% — the largest single-day increase of the year so far — to 5.5%. It’s possible that tender rejection rates have hit a…