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Himani Jain
Himani is a Senior Product Manager at Convoy, where she oversees the product strategy and roadmap for transactional shipments growth. Previously, she was at Amazon and worked on products including Prime Now and Ship With Amazon. Prior to entering into Product, Himani earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. When she's not thinking about trucking, she can be found hiking in Pacific NorthWest and contemplating her next world travel plans.

Posts by Himani Jain:

Reinventing Contractual Freight: introducing a real-time, guaranteed rate for routing guides, resulting in a 20% increase in load coverage

We consistently hear from shippers that the contractual freight process is failing them. It’s a slow and static process that is misaligned with the fast-paced and volatile freight market. Today, we are announcing Dynamic Backup giving shippers real-time, guaranteed prices for contractual freight. This provides shippers with reduced operational overhead, increased load coverage and cost…