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Since the 1970s, people have been coming together all over America to celebrate Pride Month in June each year.  Pride is a commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 and celebrates the work it has taken, and acknowledges the work that is still needed, to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for LGBTQIA+ Americans.  In […]

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month across the United States this September, as well as Mexico’s Independence Day today, Convoy’s Latinx community is also celebrating an important milestone: The Latinx@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG) was established one year ago, in Fall 2019, with the aim of building a vibrant Latinx community at Convoy. A year […]

In the weeks following the murder of George Floyd by police, Convoy, like many other companies, put out a statement affirming our support for our Black employees and community members. In this statement, we acknowledged the centuries of privilege, ignorance, and inequalities inherent in our society as well as the role we have played in […]