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Arpan is the head of product for Matching at Convoy, where he helps carriers find relevant and timely demand at the best price with minimal effort. Before Convoy, he worked at Groupon, Amazon and Expedia, after graduating from University of Waterloo in Canada. Outside work, Arpan can be found barreling down slopes on his snowboard, biking the “seven hills” of Seattle, and traveling the world with his wife.

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Today, Convoy is proud to share that bundling loads through our Automated Reloads program is yielding a 45% decrease in CO2 emissions from trucks running empty less often. Launched nationwide in June, Automated Reloads algorithmically groups multiple full-truckload shipments for carriers — minimizing empty miles, eliminating time wasted between loads, and lowering the resulting unnecessary […]

Today, Convoy is announcing the nationwide rollout of Automated Reloads, a new program to book multiple loads at a time – helping carriers earn more, minimize empty miles, and eliminate time waiting between work.  With Automated Reloads, Convoy algorithmically evaluates and optimizes how loads can be grouped in real-time, all without human intervention. In our […]