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Ari Bixhorn heads shipper marketing and sales development at Convoy. In this role, Ari is responsible for driving awareness and adoption of Convoy's Digital Freight Network. Prior to Convoy, Ari was VP of Marketing at Panopto for 8 years and worked at Microsoft Corporation for 12 years, writing speeches for CEO Steve Ballmer, leading business development efforts in the Windows division, and driving developer tools product management. Ari studied Computer Science at Virginia Tech. He enjoys hiking, photography, and boxing.

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This case study was original published on FreightWaves. Owens Corning (NYSE: OC), the global manufacturer of building materials and fiberglass composites, has embraced cultural and digital transformation as the company seeks to do business in a more inclusive and forward-thinking way. Owens Corning’s workers, products and facilities span 33 countries, from Canada to Brazil, Singapore […]

This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. Legacy companies in the industrial supply chain with decentralized distribution models are deploying advanced technology to make their operations more efficient.  General Insulation Company (GIC) fabricates and distributes wholesale insulation for the construction industry. GIC has historical roots in the Northeast: when Jack Doherty sold the business […]

This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. Dropps is a familiar success story in the new wave of direct-to-consumer subscription business models: The sensible packaging and elegant design of the laundry and dish detergent pods are unmistakable. And while Dropps’ commitment to environmentally friendly detergent formulas and eco-responsible packaging is a well-known part of […]

This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. E-commerce is growing faster than ever before, thanks to social distancing, supply chain disruptions, and widespread stockouts. Consumers are using the internet in new ways to find products and are more open-minded when it comes to new brands. The ability to compare a near-infinite array of products […]

Convoy helps drive asset utilization in A-B’s private fleet This case study was originally published on FreightWaves. More than ever, the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers are using logistics technology to drive efficiencies in their supply chains and meet corporate sustainability goals. Consumers, employees and board members have become more aware of climate change […]

This case study was original published on FreightWaves. CHEP’s iconic blue pallet is not just a product offered to customers—it’s also a unique source of data that helps eliminate waste across CHEP’s network of partners, which include most of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world. The Australian pallet, crate, and container pooling […]

What is FTL shipping? FTL is industry shorthand for full truckload, or a truckload–most often a dry van or reefer–with a dedicated shipment from a single shipper to a single location. You may also see it referred to as just TL, or truckload. The alternative is LTL, or less than truckload, which is a truckload […]

It has been two months since President Trump declared the national state of emergency. As states begin to reopen, questions linger around what recovery means for the freight industry. In Convoy’s mid-year market outlook for 2020, we share our latest analysis on freight rates and supply chain trends, covering the following questions: How will reopening […]

As truckers transport essential supplies across our nation, Goodyear is providing roadside services and access to equipment to support America’s truckers.  Blake Winterton, Senior Manager of Commercial Services at Goodyear, joins Convoy for our latest video covering how COVID-19 is impacting the freight industry. Winterton is responsible for Goodyear’s FleetHQ Service Center, a program that helps […]

Just a few weeks ago, the freight industry saw surging transactional demand as consumers flooded grocery stores for food and household supplies. Now the demand has dried up, and as FreightWaves reports, outbound tender volume is below its average for “normal times.” What do these market trends mean for truck drivers who are on the front […]