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Convoy’s Hassle-Free Lumper Payments Feature Surpasses 80% Utilization – Collectively Saving Carriers Over 6,000 Hours Of Unnecessary Phone Calls

CarriersPublished on January 28, 2021

In January 2020, Convoy launched the industry’s first hassle-free lumper payments feature, enabling carriers to avoid time-consuming phone calls by requesting and receiving lumper payment codes with just a few taps in the Convoy mobile app. To date, over 40,000 lumper payment code requests have been initiated in-app, comprising 80% of the total. Collectively, this feature has saved carriers over 6,000 hours they would otherwise have spent on the phone trying to get lumper service payment coordinated. By empowering carriers to instantly request and provide lumper payment codes – carriers are able to quickly get out of shipper facilities and get back to hauling loads.

What are lumpers?

Lumpers are third-party companies that some shippers use to load and unload freight from trucks at their facilities. Carriers are typically unable to arrange payment for lumpers until they have arrived at the facility which leaves the carriers with two choices, either risk injury by loading or unloading the trailer themselves, or call their broker to request a payment code, which can cause delays that lead to missing their next appointment. As a result, lumper payments had been a major pain point for carriers for decades until Convoy created the hassle-free lumper payments feature. 

How hassle-free lumper payments work:

Carriers request and receive lumper payment codes directly in the Convoy mobile app through a simple, 4 step process:

  1. In the load details page, carriers select Support and Lumper Fee
  2. Select I need to pay – request an EFS code
  3. Enter load and lumper information, and tap submit request
  4. Provide the instantly generated EFS code as payment for the lumper service
Use Convoy’s Hassle-Free Lumper Payments Today

Every carrier in Convoy’s digital freight network is able to use this feature for any load offered. To learn more about the lumper payments feature, see the announcement blog. Interested hauling with Convoy? Sign up here.


Katie Welch

Katie is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Convoy where she focuses on optimizing and scaling marketing programs for carriers. She has spent most of her career in startups building full funnel marketing programs for both B2B and B2C businesses.
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