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5 (Supposedly) Haunted Roads

CarriersPublished on October 31, 2018

Apparitions, ghosts or a trick of the eyes. Whether you believe or not, these roads have an unearthly reputation. We combed through reports of haunted highways to bring you 5 of the spookiest. Keep reading, if you dare!  

Route 44 Hitchhiker (Massachusetts)

A bearded man can be seen hitchhiking and walking along Route 44 in Massachusetts. He fits the description of a man killed in an accident along the route. This apparition has been reported dozens of times over the years and has even been said to appear in the passenger seat of cars!

Clinton Road Ghosts (New Jersey)

Known as one of the most haunted roads in America, Clinton Road, just 55 miles northwest of New York City, has myriad stories of ghosts sightings, witch gatherings and even UFOs. As the story goes, if you throw a coin into the street near Dead Man’s Curve, a spirit will throw the coin back up to you after a minute.

Bray Road Beast (Wisconsin)

For over a century, people in Elkhorn, Wisconsin have reported seeing a large wolf-like creature along Bray Road. The 7-foot creature reportedly walks and lurks on all fours. both on all four’s as well as walking on two in a hunched over position. Werewolf, bear or another mythical creature, you’ll have to drive that way to find out!

Rabid Animals of Kelly Road (Pennsylvania)

The legend of Kelly Road says that animals who cross this section of the road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania turn rabid and start to act in a crazed and aggressive manner. Beware of animals you run into on this stretch of haunted highway.

Archer Avenue Resurrection Mary (Illinois)

Between ghost horses, werewolves and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed hitchhiker in a party dress, Archer Avenue has earned its reputation as one of the spookiest drives in the country. Located in Chicago, the hitchhiker is known as “Resurrection Mary” and is know to appear in cars as they pass by.  



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