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Spring 2021: Carrier Product Review

CarriersPublished on April 5, 2021

Take a look at what’s new in the Convoy app. 

Over the first three months of 2021, the Convoy team worked hard to add features that help carriers who use Convoy save time and money when running their business. Learn more about each below:

Save Time

In January, we launched Transparent Auctions to solve two of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from carriers. First, this update made bid ranges public, showing the highest rate that will be considered in the current auction round. This tool enables carriers to better target their bids. Second, this update displays the auction round closing time, giving carriers clarity on when they will hear back on their bid. As a result of these changes, carriers have greater transparency into how competitive their bid is and receive bid feedback that is an average of 8 hours faster than with the previous system. This enables carriers to more efficiently plan their schedules and keep their trucks full and earning.

Save Money 

Between paying for fuel, maintenance, roadside assistance, and more, business expenses can consume a large portion of carriers’ take home pay. These costs primarily impact small carriers who cannot take advantage of volume discounts. To combat this issue, and help carriers keep more of their earnings, Convoy launched the TruckYeah Savings program to provide small fleets and owner operators with steep discounts typically reserved for large carriers. In February, Convoy enabled all of these discounts to be easily accessible in the Convoy app so that saving money on your business expenses is only one tap away. Saving money on services and products from the brands that you want to work with has never been more convenient. 

Reduce Hassle

The Convoy fuel card offers carriers an average savings of $.68 per gallon*, and over $6,500 per year. That’s not all, the card also has no transaction fees when used at a participating location. This cash secured fuel card gives carriers in our network the opportunity to save big on their largest business expense. In March, Convoy added the ability for carriers to apply for and manage their fuel card in the Convoy app. These additions to the app make the process of setting up a fuel card, managing fuel expenses, and finding the best deals on gas easier than ever. 

Check out all these recently released features directly in the Convoy app! Have suggestions of partnerships or programs you would like to see from Convoy? Let us know by submitting them here

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*Average savings of $.68 per gallon is based on actual in-network client transactions for Q4 of 2022.


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