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9 Trucking and Transportation Trends for 2019

Scroll down to download the report and learn about nine trends driving the trucking industry this year.   The trucking and transportation industry is entering a new year that has the potential to be even stronger than the last.  Based on data from our platform, industry research, and conversations with carriers, shippers, truck drivers, investors, analysts, technologists, and other industry leaders, we compiled nine trucking and transportation trends that will impact this year. 
    1. Digital trucking platforms will begin to break out.
    2. Trucking and supply chains will get a seat at the table.
    3. Access to capacity will exist, but it won’t be evenly distributed.
    4. There will be more truck driver diversity.
    5. Dynamic pricing will take center stage.
    6. Climate change will be a real source of volatility in trucking.
    7. Buckle up for fuel prices.
    8. Volatility will be the only constant.
    9. Economic slowdown, yes. Recession … maybe.
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