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Big savings and guaranteed coverage | Convoy on What the Truck?!?

Following two years of high demand for freight due to COVID-19 related lockdowns, the market shows signs of softening as consumers shift focus to the purchase of services over material goods. On FreightWaves’ award-winning What The Truck?!? podcast, Convoy VP of Sales Spencer Hennigar shared how shippers can still save big and get full coverage across…

Convoy Go: drop-and-hook for primary, backup, and spot loads

Drop and hook is a more efficient way to get your loads covered without the need for live loading and appointment scheduling. The problem with traditional drop freight is that it’s inflexible and can’t accommodate additional volume during demand surges. Convoy Go is a new approach to drop and hook freight, providing shippers with reliable…

Convoy digital freight network overview

Get freight coverage without compromise. Convoy gives you access to reliable and flexible truckload capacity, along with data and insights that traditional providers can’t match. Watch this video and discover the power of the most efficient digital freight network.

The most efficient digital freight network

In 2015, we started a movement in efficient freight. In 2019, we announced that we have raised $400 million in funding to help eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars of waste in the trucking industry. Learn more about how we transformed the way we transport freight.